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In the Utopian World of the Mermaid, days pass by quite leisurely. If not frolicking in the frothy sea with her mermaid companions or sea life friends, she will grace the surface to scan the horizon. If all looks safe, she will venture from her watery sanctuary onto dry land. Weary from swimming among riptides and currents, she will seek out a peaceful balance in this strange land absent of bubbles. While never losing sight of the sea, she anxiously takes up the splendor of relaxation in her favorite shoreline landing....a hammock…..draped between two palm trees.

As she tenderly drifts asleep, it is here where her subconscious speaks to her in dreams and unexplainable impulses. It is like the language of dolphins, foreign to landlocked souls, but in the mermaid world, her thoughts carry great intelligence and intense desires. Gone are the tidal waves of stress, thoughts of those days being entangled in seaweed, or trying to waltz with an anchor. She fantasizes about treasures and pleasures…..expressing her essence, revealing who she is and how she feels though her surroundings. Mermaids encourage and compliment each other, swooning over their achievements and rarities. They give each other gifts that exemplify their kindred spirits. They hold dear peace, joy and laughter. They cherish the lighter side of life.

Through these pages, the delights of the mermaid world are presented to you….to enhance your world, furnish your laughter, and impart boatloads of joy into your heart. As a parting thought….always be mindful….mermaids can grant your every wish!  SPLASH!


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