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You are now about to leave the safety of solid ground and give into the beckoning call of the mesmerizing sea.

We are mermaid merchants, relentlessly scouring the earth everyday in a quest....a quest to capture every conceivable embodiment of the mermaids essence.   So on with you mates and maties!

Embrace the enchantress of the sea and venture into the depths below on your own personal quest.... Your quest to capture the sea mistress of your desires....or of course....one of her "friends"!


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Another amazing piece of sea siren decor is presented here in a tranquil moment of reflection as she contemplates her day....jump off this ledge and swim with my friends or.....just relax for a little while more....hmmmn. What should I do? Hit the "BUY NOW" button if you like her! She is white wash finished with a magnesium body so she is both light and strong. She probably won't break if she falls!

Dimensions: 26 3/8" L. x 5 3/4" W. x 9 5/8" H.

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